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Secret Cove Press Q&A

Q: What does Secret Cove Press do?

A: We provide an easy to use system for registered authors and a place where authors can sell their work directly to registered book buyers. From the authors' personal catalog and the individual author's Web pages buyers can purchase books with a click of the mouse. Secret Cove Press provides all your book publishing needs; book editing by professional editors who will not only eradicate any and all errors in grammar, spelling and typing but will also provide in depth comments and advice specifically related to the needs of your book.

There are various publishing packages available from the basic for those on a very limited budget to the helps author's design their own book cover, select the appropriate font, format the document for printing and send it to the printer. Within ten days the author receives a "proofing copy" to check and make sure everything is okay. If all is well the author gives the go ahead and the web page and catalog entry for the book is enabled. At that time anyone can order the book from our online ordering service and have it delivered directly to their mailbox within ten days of ordering. The most exciting element of this venture is that there will be new books every day—new fiction, new fantasy, new scholarly works, new books of all kinds direct from the author!

Q: How do I buy an author's work?

A: If you pre-register now as a book buyer you will be first on the list of people we contact when the doors open in the Fall of (2005). Once we are set up you will be able to browse freely and purchase any book you see direct from the authors' web page. You can also let us know what type of books you would like to see displayed in the author's gallery.

Q: How do I register as an author?

A: Click here to start the easy process of publishing your book! After pre-registering you will be contacted and in a short time you will be able to set up shop here on Secret Cove Press.

Q: What services do you provide for authors?

A: Secret Cove Press provides a place where authors can publish their books without any cost up front. The cost of design, printing and marketing your books is recouped from the price of each book sold, as they are sold! You can design, print, and, market your book without paying a cent up front! No money comes out of your pocket!

There are also optional publishing packages which do require some payment for custom designs, proofreading, and customized marketing campaigns however, the choice is yours and the "No Up front Cost" package is highly recommended for those on a budget.

Q: What are your prices?

A: Now that's a good question!


The price of the books for sale on SPT is entirely up to the authors. However, because you are buying directly from the author you can expect to receive big savings on high quality books.


Authors do not need to pay anything up front. SPT (Secret Cove Press) receives a small percentage of the price of each book sold. Another percentage goes to the printers for the cost of printing your book. The author receives the rest. These percentages are still under discussion and your input would be very helpful. Click here to let us know what percentage you think SPT should receive. The price of the books is entirely up to the authors.